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Make my messes matter, make this chaos count

a compilation of art poems & museum photos.

maybe it’s all these paints & colors. or the aura of my surroundings.

maybe it’s the stories & words i write in my mind. or how i feel deep inside.

whatever it is, i too, want to create art for the world.

because of the beauty that it offers.

art & beauty everywhere”

despite all the uncertainty.

despite all the insecurity.

i find and gain a sense of peace & clarity.

as i begin to see,

how even the little things create a certain space for prosperity.

despite all the chaos,

or the unpleasant & unexpected situations,

i get my strength and assurance.

from the kindness that the Maker gave and called beautiful.

what counts as art”

even a broken pot can be rebuilt into something beautiful.

even an old book can share beautiful stories.

even a shoe that no longer fits, can be worn by someone with the right size.

even a wall with a crack, can be patched up or painted to look beautiful again.

even a broken heart can be healed, break free, & say “Amen!

broken pieces to beautiful pieces”

You are the sound the universe makes

“Realizations have come to mind.

During these moments of crisis and isolation.

Coming face to face with new challenges and old wounds reopened.

In these moments of darkness, I look up to find any glimmer and sign of hope.

A reminder.

An assurance.

That indeed, my healing would take more than time.”

Moments” – agatha magsombol

It’s no secret that all of us struggled and are affected by the pandemic. We are in a battle with not just the virus that affected us physically but also the problems it brought upon our mental health. Although we are slowly rising up and embracing the adaptation to the new normal, this event has left an impact on our daily lives that would take more than time to heal. Anxiety might creep in, various thoughts roam around, and you can’t help but have a deeper connection with how you view the world around you. 

This poem is quite personal to me since the pandemic welcomed a lot of challenges in my life as well as opening old, painful memories that I’m getting the chance to heal from. 2016 was the year I lost my dad and I know I wrote a blog about him a few years ago but because of being in quarantine for a long time, I can’t help but miss him a lot more. I began to realize how in that year I lost him, I never got an actual chance or time to grieve. At 13, I was faced first with the reality of adjusting to a new life without him – therefore, I had to step up and be responsible at such a young age. I was expected to be strong and carry on, and so I did. At that time, I never knew how important the healing process was. I thought that ignoring what I truly felt was the right way to process and being vulnerable would present me as being weak. So I distracted myself and paid attention to other things rather than allowing myself to grieve. Little did I know that it wasn’t enough.

I know it may seem quite a surprise since it’s been almost 4 years, but there’s a thing such as late grieving and it’s probably what I’m going through. Now, I realized how important it is to allow myself to process my feelings and to admit that I needed more than time to heal from my painful memory. So I’m kind of thankful for this so-called “opportunity” that God gave me. The time he offered my mom and I to be at home together, to process our thoughts and feelings, to welcome a chance to heal, and to help others who are going through a painful time heal as well. It’s not an easy process, we’ll take things step by step, but we’re always a work in progress. 

Those glimmers of hope can be a lot of things for me such as talking to good friends, going to therapy, eating healthy food, drinking tea, walking my dog, reading a fun book, listening to peaceful music, watching my comfort show, laughing with my mom, and many more. So I hope you too, can allow yourself to heal no matter what that wound may be, old or new. Your feelings are valid and your mind matters.  ◼️❤️

Art is called “dad and i plus the sunset” by me. Made with: Dream by WOMBO. Download the app and create your art too!

The 2021 Thank You list

stream “We’re Still Here” by Sleeping At Last here: or

Through the static,
Through the ashes
We were brave.
Through the perils
Of endless narrow escapes,
We're still here. we're still here.

Thankful for another year – for meeting new friends and for having more adventures.

Thankful for the realizations – the growth for the better.

Thankful for the experiences and the challenges – both the good and bad, the things I overcame and everything I encountered this year helped shape me to face the new one with hope and healing.

Thankful for those who believed and saw the best in me – for the achievements and support, a new job, and a new way to honor mom and God.

Thankful for the strength – the healing and nourishment.

Thankful for those who continue to stay – for the gift of family and true friendships, for the fluffy pets who keep us sane, for groovy discord sessions, deep talks on exciting topics, movie/series nights, funny and random conversations, car rides, foodtrips, and all the hangouts with good friends this year.

Thankful for the opportunities – for the capability and heart to help one another in any way we can.

Thankful for the care and a way to start over – for a journey on better mental health and for the hope for greater things to come.


Hope, help, & compassion for all: a Supergirl blog

The things I learned from the show and cast of the CW DCTV Arrowverse series “Supergirl”

‌gif from bcnoist on Tumblr  ‌

“Something I’ve learned from Supergirl is that you are always stronger than you think you are. There is always an inner strength that you never know you have.”

– Melissa Benoist

Many of you are aware of how I’m such an avid fan of Supergirl. I’ve had my fair share of excitement and disappointment, but this show will continue to remain as one of the things that inspires me in life.

“Now, in each and every one of you there is a light, a spirit that cannot be snuffed out! That won’t give up! I need your help again, I need you to hope… Hope that you will remember that you can all be heroes.”

– Kara Zor-El/Supergirl

Supergirl thought me to be hopeful. Her motto and what she stands for: “Hope, help, and compassion for all.” continues to be something I want to live up to in my life. Every character in the show has an incredible story that teaches it’s viewers a lot of things. Although the main target audience is for young girls, all kinds of people can be inspired by this show, it’s characters, and the cast.

“In order to live we must keep daring.”

– Cat Grant

Supergirl teaches us to keep living despite the challenges, because life can be full of surprises. There’s also a lot of great character development in this show. Mon-El went from a selfish frat boy to a courageous hero and leader inspired by the woman he loves (Kara). Lena (raised as a Luthor) didn’t let her family name and stereotypes get in the way of her to prove that she can be a good person, who is smart with a kind heart. Truth is another value that Supergirl teaches. Characters like Kara Danvers, Nia Nal, William Dey, Andrea Rojas, and Cat Grant helped inspired me on my journey as a writer. The journalist characters in this show use their words to get the truth out and help make the world a better place because sometimes, the pen is mightier than a cape.

“You can’t be all things to all people. All you can do is be true to yourself.”

– Mon-El/Valor

Supergirl also deals with the topics of racism, gender equality, and mental health in a way that’s not too heavy but essentially insightful. In fact, this show inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a Psychologist in the future. Actors and married couple, Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood (Kara and Mon-El) are advocates of mental health. Wood is the founder of IDONTMIND – a mental health organization and lifestyle brand that fights the stigma of mental health and encourages open and honest conversations because your mind matters. Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers/Sentinel) is a member of the Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health initiative that encourages people to use their voice in support of mental health. Kelly Olsen/Guardian (Azie Tesfai) is a psychologist who helps deal with trauma and fights for racial justice. She also co-wrote episode 12 in season 6 adding a personal touch by sharing her story that created a lasting impact on how racism needs to be stopped.

David Harewood (J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter) also wrote a book called ‘Maybe I Don’t Belong Here’ on the perspective of a person of color who is experiencing the system and investigates the impact of racism on Black mental health that continues to shape the society. James Olsen/Guardian’s (Mehcad Brooks) story dealt with his trauma because of being bullied and losing his father. His fear and strength enabled him to be a hero and an inspiration to young black kids as well. Nicole Maines (Nia Nal/Dreamer) was introduced to be the first transgender superhero being introduced on TV, taught us that the truth is what makes us strong. “The greatest gift we can give each other is our authentic selves and sharing that — sharing our truth is what makes us strong.” (Nia Nal/Dreamer).

One of the most important relationships featured in the show is the relationship between the Danvers sisters (played by Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh) who are related by love and are soul sisters by heart on and off screen. Their sisterhood, along with the friendships between the women in the show continues to promote women empowerment, feminism, and what makes women strong because of our vulnerability and heart.

The Danvers Sisters: Kara and Alex Danvers played by Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh
The women of Supergirl

The men of Supergirl also have a wonderful story that empowers strength, support, and equality. Through their solidarity, it shows that each and every one of us is powerful and encouraging.

The men of Supergirl

One of the highlights that Supergirl teaches is the concept of family – how we are stronger when we are united and surrounded by the people that mean a lot to us. Because love bonds us all.

“El Mayarah” – Stronger Together: gif from andreamto07 on Tumblr

“The pressure is there. But then also is the joy of having that pride and seeing it move young girls and being a role model that she is as a character and carrying that with me.”

– Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist on being a role model for young girls

“I hope that it always and forever…shows fans and young women in particular how to be true to yourself and not be afraid to speak up and to empower the people you love around you and really embrace community”  

– Melissa Benoist
Thank you Supercast!

This show isn’t perfect. There were a lot of moments where it could’ve been better. But this show is one of the things that created such a huge impact in my life and that I would cherish forever.

special thank you to these 2 fan accounts on twitter for helping me out with the content 🤗:‌

T♥️ @aGHOSTappeared on Twitter
‌Adoringbenoist🔮✨ @adoringbenoist on Twitter

Today I’ll survive. Tomorrow, I’ll make sense of my life

Listen to Overture III/Awake by Sleeping At Last here:

Waking up in this never-ending cycle, trying to pick myself up and refrain from being idle. But somehow I still can't seem to find my way to get the inspiration I need, yet I still learn to stay. Sometimes I'll do my best but struggle to make the rest. It's during times like these when I ask for patience, not strength. It's times like these when I know what I really need. It's times like these when I take a step back and breathe. I know that I'm not alone. I know we all feel this way too. I know that I can't be the best at everything, the others should have a chance against me. But someday, I believe we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Letting go of all our troubles. By being productive and prepared while also focusing on what's going to happen today first. I believe that all of us can because God said so. Because when you're in love, you do not give up easily. I love what I'm doing, so I'm not giving up. 
It may be hard to wake up to a new day and start again. But if yesterday was the doing, today will be for the undoing. Our days are numbered, so please choose to live each day by forgiving yourself too. Someday we'll find our way back to the heart of the matter. We'll cast out all of our doubts and work hard for the better. Because in the end, every hardship we face will lead to success in the future. Just take one step at a time and we're almost there. 

Special thank you to my friends who wrote their poems/statements! 🤗

‌”one step at a time and you’re almost there.” – Pam Salcedo

‌”In every hardship that I am facing. There will be success in the future.” – Allysa Toralde

‌“If yesterday was the doing, today will be for the undoing. My days are numbered, so I choose to live them by forgiving myself too.” – Jorgine Javier

‌“When you are in love, you do not give up easily. I love what I am doing, so I am not giving up.” – Denise Basila

‌”I can because God said so.” – Kryzel Elipane

‌”Being proactive and planning for the future is ok. But spending most of our time on something that is still not happening may cause us anxiety. Focus on what’s going to happen today first.”- Wayne Nufable 

‌“I can’t be the best at everything, the others should have a chance against me.” – Cesca Picardal

”It’s during times like these when I ask for patience, not strength. It’s times like these when I know what I really need. It’s times like these when I take a step back and breathe.” – Marco Pompa

Idea/concept – Jorgine Javier and Loreigne Elumba

Breaking the stigma: The importance of talking about your mental health because your mind matters

“Your mind matters. Talk about it.”

– IDONTMIND (2017)

With a stigma going on around the world, there is a constant need to break it to get people to open up and so their voices and stories are heard. Stigma is the negative stereotype, with prejudice being the result of this negativity. It is the kind of world for many people with mental illness, and they indicate how others perceive it as one of their most significant challenges to a life that is stable and completes them. This is why psychologists and mental health practitioners are advocating for mental health and reminding us of the importance of breaking the stigma, because your mind matters.

Mental Health America declared the month of May as ‘Mental Health Month’ over 70 years ago and now it is observed every year and with awareness, we defeat stigma. We’ve always known that to be true, and we’ll never stop challenging that. (IDONTMIND, 2020, para. 9 

photo from instagram: @idontmind

Social stigma on mental health has many causes and victims are treated differently depending on the type of concern they have. But sometimes, it can be misguided as individuals may be more aggressive or unstable than people without mental health conditions or “strange” in any way. (Davey, 2013, para. 5.

That is why we are stronger together. United to help and build each other up. It’s still a foreign and somewhat new topic whenever we talk about mental health and mental illness especially in the Philippines. There is a stereotype that if you feel depressed, they just associate it with being sad or a certain change in moods from time to time. But people tend to ignore the reality behind it, that’s why people who experience it have a hard time getting the help they need because of the fear of being judged, left out, or neglected. 

“You’re enough, you’re enough, you’re enough, you are enough

These little words, somehow they’re changing us.

You’re enough, you’re enough, you are enough

So we let our shadows fall away like dust.”

– You Are Enough by Sleeping At Last
photo from instagram: @minaa_b

Amidst the stigma going on, people’s voices need to be heard now more than ever and it is important for our stories to be shared and witnessed by everyone because it’s more than just sadness or being scared. It’s a feeling of being in a really dark place, not knowing whether you will see the light or not.  We are not defined by our flaws and our imperfections make us who we are. That is why it is important to keep sharing our stories and let our voices be heard. Because we all have the power to change a life by speaking up. When we do, we encourage others to do the same and feel comfortable and honest as they share about how they are truly feeling and reminding them that we can all get through this together. 

photo from instagram: @idontmind

“We do not have to suffer in silence. In fact, we can make as much noise as we want. And we should! It’s always important to share your story, how mental health affects you personally. Because if we do that, we inspire each other. We lift each other up.”

– Chris Wood

More ways are being introduced in order to fight this stigma and not just by simply talking about it. There are other creative ways to help people, through expressing themselves and identifying how they feel. Today, Poetry is a well-known example of being one of the methods in breaking the stigma of mental health. With a beautiful choice and use of words, one can form an intimate flow of feelings as they write it down. Whenever you write on a piece of paper, there is this undeniable elegance to unburden yourself. And as you write about uncertainty and darkness, misconception and terror, the feeling of freedom releases the weight of your chest and it feels beautiful.

photo from instagram: @whynotthewriter

According to Jo Boustead (2020, para. 5. ), Every person is affected by mental health in various ways, so it is only right that every poem is eclectic in subject and emotion, and this is exactly why poetry is breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Journaling is another creative way to write down your feelings when you can’t talk about it with someone else. In a way, you’re communicating through your words as you write down your everyday experiences and realizations in a journal. If you have a hard time writing your feelings down, there are other ways to break this stigma like talking openly about mental health and educating yourself about it, so in that way it could help you start a conversation that lets you open up about how you truly feel. 

As we continue to break this stigma, more stories about healing can now be witnessed and more voices are now heard. It’s amazing to see how creative life can be with the different methods on how to continuously talk about your mental health and express yourself fully because your mind matters. And with every story shared, we can meditate on the positive things that happen as we do these. 

“When you think a positive thought, there is brain growth and reinforcement in your prefrontal cortex—where positive thoughts are developed. With the repetition of positivity, you can strengthen the different neural pathways that stimulate positive emotions, feelings, and actions.”

– IDONTMIND (2019)
 I realized how important this is, not only because I’ve already experienced it but also because there are people out there who can’t get the help that they need. So I take this topic very seriously because I don’t want others to regret not prioritizing their mental health before it's too late. As we share our stories and express our feelings, we break the silence and the stigma and let the world heal.
photo from instagram: @idontmind
“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33 NLT

Surely this must be my masterpiece ~

We are all artists…

lyrics from “I’ll Keep You Safe” by Sleeping At Last

The mere fact that we are created by God makes us creators ourselves. We are shaped fearfully and wonderfully. We are designed with passion and a purpose. We all have the power to create. We are artists in our own way. We make art through words, speech, & poetry.

Through songs, sounds, & music. We produce art through our palate, using fruits & vegetables. With herbs & spices – food & drinks. We design with colors & canvas – in shapes and sizes. Traditionally or in a modern way. We establish creativity in sports and adventure.

Through fields and the beauty of nature. All of us have the power of art within. The power to create, establish, organize, & invent. We can all create something beautiful. But most importantly, our hearts are our greatest masterpiece.


keep creating! ✨

You are Loved, more than you know

A poem on Self-Love by Agatha Magsombol & Kamillia Lim

(ig: @agathastic2003 & @whynotthewriter)

lyrics from “Three” by Sleeping At Last
 You are loved. Even at your lowest and weakest.
You are accepted. Even when you’re losing.
You are worth it and worthy of love. Even when it feels undeserving.
You are loved. Loved by God without any strings attached.

All your fears, doubts, and worry.
Turned to faith, hope, and glory.
All your flaws, mistakes, and scars turned to beauty.
Because you are loved by the Almighty.

As I wipe the tears from my face
I told myself "I will get better”
But it'll be a long process
of wanting to be greater.

Slowly, I smiled more,
Laughed more,
Learned to love myself for who I am
The person that God created me to be.

I learned how to value me
How to embrace me
Maybe this is the love that was meant to be 
Love that was given to set us free.

So please love yourself and know that you deserve it.
Love yourself and know that it is worth it.
For self love isn’t selfish. It’s a journey - a constant sign of strength.
Knowing how to love yourself, you are able to love and cherish others too. 

lyrics from “Nine” by Sleeping At Last

“Christ’s love is greater than any person can ever know. But I pray that you will be able to know that love. Then you can be filled with the fullness of God.” – Ephesians 3:19 (ICB)

God, it has been quite a year

…I’ve lived a little bit, & I’ve died a little more

A year that started with hope and anticipation.

With plans and dreams,

And colorful schemes.

A year where we thought we’d be living, but ended up surviving.

With a wave of unexpected events.

Like a gust of wind making things sway.

Then all of a sudden, we’re in our homes

Trying to keep things at bay.

With the need for distance and sanitation

As we hit the feeling of being stuck for protection

A year that hid us from the outside, but opened our eyes to what’s going on in the real world.

They say we are now living in the “new normal”

Things, circumstances, lives, and people are changing

With all the challenges we faced 

And trials that would continue to come

May we continue hoping

Hoping for a better world

With better leaders who can make better decisions

Hoping for unity and love in everyone

With people coming together to make this world whole and better

Hoping for brighter days

As we leave our shadows behind and let the light shine amidst the darkness

Because even though this year isn’t exactly the best,

There’s still so much that this world has to offer.

And if you’re still here and you’ve made it through this year,

That means you’ll still keep fighting, because the real heroes are the ones that keep going.

As we keep reaching for the stars and continue to lift each other up

As we continue to grow and keep learning

As we continue to evolve  and overcome

A new year, a new future is coming.

lyrics from “January White” by Sleeping At Last

Poetry For Therapy

poetry; plural noun: poetries


– literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

“Poetry has enabled us to connect on a deeper level and to have discussions about feelings and emotions that without poetry, most likely would not be possible. ”Jo Boustead (2020,

Last October 10 was observed to be World Mental Health Day and what a good way to start the conversations on mental health than by expressing ourselves in the form of words through poetry. In honor of World Mental Health Day this year, here is a compilation of some poems written by me and my friends:

(I recommend listening to this while reading the blog:;

“Being free and able to forget a toxic friend

So, my stress will eventually come to an end

Being free to say no

So that I can allow myself to grow.”

– Robert Dela Rosa


“You are not alone

This is just temporary

This will pass in time.”

– James Ejercito


“Time to build myself again.

I have learned before, I thought.

Suddenly, my life felt like a clean canvas

Ready to be painted on.

I was 15 and scared,

But somehow, I felt like a masterpiece in the making.”

– Chloe Baylon


 “I forgot the feeling of its presence.

I forgot its voice whispering in my ear.

I want to forget the experience

But I want more people to hear.

That all those feelings are real.

I want you to give time for yourself to heal.

It may take a hug, a tear, a short rest, or a long one for some.”

– Wayne Nufable



“please don’t hate yourself.

You are you,

You’re loved by God,

and i love you too.

The world can be cruel,

yes i know.

But don’t harm yourself,

you could still grow.

you’re special

in your own way,

I see you getting better,

every single day.”

– Khloe Gabriel


“Can’t combine today?

Be different- it’s okay

To not be okay.”

– Jin Velayo ‘괜찮아’


An Encounter with Light

“Sitting in haze

Dark, cold place

Here I am again

In a spiraled den

And as I cry

A voice, soft and shy

Whispered in my ear

“Hush, I’m here.”

Relieved, I look up

It’s the One above

He promised freedom

As He said “Come”

I reach out to Him

He pulled me in

“Closer” He said

That feeling of dread

And confusion

That led to seclusion

All melted away

Emotions at bay

A decision to make

Is all it takes

To be a lone ranger

Or journey with my Maker?”

– Eunice Hernandez


It’s okay not to be okay

“Unanticipated apocalypse

resulted in grief and anxieties

Overbearing this perilous disease,

hoping God can grant our pleas

Though we are still breathing and existing,

who knows, our time might be coming

One day, we would’ve gone missing

Will our fealty to this world be long lasting?

we wait for the day for everything to end

—our dreadful world or this global threat,

or these voices that is constantly filling our head

“Lord, help us, for you, we can only depend”

Be there for someone that is alone

Make them feel loved, despite being at home

Overflowing melancholy, they can never show

Their vulnerabilities—we never really know,

From this grief, may everyone be released

I want to believe that happiness still exists

My beloved, can you read me your eulogies?

In case, one day, I suddenly find my own peace.”

– Patricia Aquilizan


“Before, I thought of the things that made me sad and gloomy, but those are the things I never wanted.

Enough of thinking whether I deserve to be respected. 

Enough of the things that made me cry at night thinking that I was always the one who makes mistakes.

I will never let myself, again, go to waste. 

I realized they weren’t just bullies, they were threatened by me. 

That’s how powerful I can be. 

And they’ll always want to see me. 

I had enough of looking myself at the mirror thinking about what if I change this or do that. I am not my past.

I’m not someone that you can manipulate. 

What I do to my body is not a bait.

I’m not someone that you’ll just treat like an object. 

Learn to treat me and other people with respect

I’m not someone that you will choose to walk away from and expect that when you come back, I’ll take you home. 

Now. I’m here. I realized that being a girl isn’t that crappy. 

I’m 17 glowing and happy.”

– Cesca Picardal



“Challenges, so deep

Endeavors, overwhelming

Just lift it to Him.”

– Rico Ty


“There is a girl,

Whenever she feels lonely or sad,

she intertwined her hand to her other hand.

Why? For her to feel that someone cares or just there.

A way to cheer herself up,

To make herself feel better.

Everything just seems okay,

But deep inside her,

There is something wrong.

She always wonder a lot of things,

Her self-worth,

Self-love and more.

She keeps on thinking bad things about herself,

And she cannot say that to anyone.

Afraid that she cannot be understood.

So instead, 

she talks to herself,

like there is someone who is actually listening to her.

Talking to herself became a habit,

Most of the time she will cry while doing that.

Always questioning everything about herself.

But then,

One day she realizes that she should help herself.

That she shouldn’t love herself less but she should love herself more than anything or anyone.

Herself first before anyone or anything else.”

– Allysa Toralde


“As I grow older the more I discover 

That you have to be strong no matter what 

Whatever life throws your way 

You can’t let it block your way

Growing up is a hard process without a doubt 

But with each level you pass the more you

Learn, to discover, understand, and accept yourself 

The process is worth the end result.”

– Pam Salcedo


“Your hands remain unsteady,

And your heart pounds like a drum,

And even though you can barely walk,

You fight the urge to run.

You scream as the world starts spinning,

And your knees drop straight to the ground.

You realize in that moment

You’re just having another breakdown.”

– Kryzel Elipane



“The world feels suffocating

Everything feels wrong 

The voices won’t go 

But there’s a small voice in my mind saying, “breathe”

Breathe, my dear.

Breathe until your mind is clear

Breathe until you can’t hear those voices anymore. 

Breathe and put that phone away 

Put away those things who take away your peace

Put away the things that make you anxious

Put away those who take away your energy; and

let yourself just breathe.”

– Kamillia Lim


“I remember this kid in grade school

Her classmates see her as a person who is cool

Her confidence is overflowing, character is charming

Until one day, her whole world went crashing

She became the shy girl

Everyone’s making fun of her

But she is strong, a fighter

She got up, and now her new version is better than ever.”

– Denise Basila


an IDONTMIND Haiku by ambassador Laurie Hernandez (instagram: @idontmind)


an IDONTMIND Haiku by co-founder Edward Schmit (instagram: @idontmind)


an IDONTMIND Haiku by founder Chris Wood (instagram: @idontmind)


“Kapayapaan ang iyong ibinigay

Noong ako’y nagiisa at nalulumbay. 

Kapayapaan ang iyong ibinigay 

Noong ako’y nagkukulang, ikaw ang namimigay. 

Kapayapaan ang iyong ibinigay

Dahil ikaw ang Diyos na makapangyarihan at magtatagumpay.”

– Agatha Magsombol


“Weight of all these worlds 

Are on my shoulders 

The pain I carry

Is not at all heavy

Because I have courage deep inside me.”

– Agatha Magsombol


“A voice in my mind

Telling me I am enough

Now, I know I am.”

– Agatha Magsombol


“Your stories matter

It will make the world better

As we empower.”

– Agatha Magsombol


“When the cares of my heart are many, Your consolations cheer my soul.”Psalm 94:19 ESV


lyrics from “Outlines” by Sleeping At Last